Skinks in South Africa

Good day i live in South Africa and there is no mention of them being here and its not easy finding a organization that deals with this kind of thing here i have searched all over the internet for a place here in South Africa and can not seem to find anything @jon_sullivan @kiwifergus

You found spotted skinks in South Africa? Can you get a photo and put it up to iNat as an observation, and link to it here? I think you might have seen one of the species from South Africa, not the spotted skink from New Zealand in that link you referred to.

Here’s all the species of South African skinks recorded on iNaturalist so far.

If you post your own photo of yours, I expect it will get identified quickly because there are many active users in ZA. Welcome!

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@carrieseltzer I think @soule was the OP, it’s all to do with the same post.

Oh no, oops! I should not try to moderate first thing in the morning from my phone! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to move this back to that thread (I get a 500 error). At least this way it’s clear that the geographic area of interest is South Africa.

@soule in addition to posting your photos, you might want to reach out to user alexanderr, he’s a herpetologist in South Africa and he’s very cool.