Some graphs on iNaturalist web traffic / app installs

I made some graphs for a few grant proposals, but I thought I’d share them here in case anyone is interested. Everything is current through July 2019.

Here’s observations per month which I’ve shared in the forum before:

But I don’t think we’ve shared Android and iPhone installs for the iNaturalist mobile app as well as web traffic:
Also, here’s iPhone and Android installs for the Seek mobile app (which in April 2019 got a major update on iOS and was released for the first time on Android):
You can see many other stats here:


Whenever I see this graph, I wonder what it looks like on a log scale. The same goes for the others behind the /stats link.


It can be fun to speculate on patterns…

that little trough after the spike each year…
“Man, CNC was huge this year, it’s gonna take a month to get all that IDing caught up… better put my own obs on hold for a while!”

and the lagging bump…
“Whew, finally got caught up, wow I gotta make up for lost observation time now, where’s my camera?”

Of course, other factors like hemispherical seasonal differences would be in play…


Fantastic graphs! I wonder how high this thing is going to go?

Funny to see that the iphone is as popular as the Android.
And that we count observations in Millions/month in stead of Millions/Year which used to be the standard time range

what’s with the “valley” in december each year on the “unique web visitors / week” graph???

indeed! Maybe active iNatters and staff are less active then, at least as far as promoting to new users. It would be northern hemisphere winter, so maybe that is the cause? Harder to get newbies to give it a go in the middle of winter…


Yes, almost certainly due to northern hemisphere winter. We’d love to have that even out with more souther hemisphere users. :-)


Everyone interacting with pesky homo sapiens instead of more interesting species due to Christmas and New Years maybe?

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