Some images are missing the file extension

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome 96


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Hi, welcome!
could you add some more information? what exactly are you looking to do, and why?

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i’ve seen occasional cases where images have unusual extensions or no extensions, but i’ve always assumed those were cases where the images were uploaded that way. are you sure that the image was uploaded with an appropriate extension? what problem does the lack of an extension cause for you in this case?

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Some older photos may lack an extension, or have a meaningless extension, or even have an extension that contradicts the file format. This shouldn’t happen with newer photos. So I’d consider it sort of a bug, but one that was fixed a while ago and left some cruft that needs cleanup.

That said - I’m not aware of these missing/incorrect/misleading extensions causing any technical issues. Are you experiencing any problem caused by these extensions? If not, then I’d just consider it a matter of housekeeping that we’ll address eventually.