Sorting by original ID

This may be dealt with, or possible, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I have been trying to get correct (or, more correct) names on all the sand verbenas (Abronia/Tripterocalyx). Awhile back, I went through species by species and locations (of interest, at least) and put a name on everything. At the same time, I have an alert set up for new records, so every morning I can make my way through and do those.

However, there are a lot of records that I have stumbled across that were entered as something else, changed to one of these taxa, and thus don’t show up in my alerts and since they have happened since I went through the records individually, these have slipped through the cracks, though I often come upon them when going through locations.

Is there a way to search within a taxa (e.g. Abronia sp.), by original ID (and date) to try to get these?

Eric LoPresti


Hi Eric, welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure if I quite understand the type of observation you’re looking for. Can you provide an example? Are you looking for original IDs that were withdrawn, or for cases where the observation has a disagreeing ID that follows the original Abronia ID?

I’d generally recommend using the Identify page. For example all observations that are currently identified as Abronia that need identification will appear here: The Identify page will automatically exclude the ones you have already added IDs to.

There’s also a particular search filter, ident_taxon_id, that you can add directly to the URL. This filter, when used with the lrank as well, can help find observations where one of the IDs is Abronia, but there’s another ID that disagrees with it:

More about using the Identify page here:
And more about using search filters in the URL:


Oh, awesome! That’s perfect and comprehensive. Thanks!


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