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I’m sure this must be a topic that has come up before, but I can’t find it. Is there a way to query for observations where I’ve made an identification that has been subsequently corrected? In particular, I would be interested in taxa that I may be frequently misdirecting. I’m sure I’ve done it for Plestiodon fasciatus/laticeps, for instance, but there may be others that I’m not aware of. If I knew where I commonly screw up, I’d quit! I’m not interested in ID’s that are subsequently improved from higher taxa, but where I’ve missed the taxon completely.

P.S. - I’ve gotten way more cautious about IDing in general.


It depends what you mean by ‘corrected’. If you mean that there are additonal ID’s that have been added in enough volume that an observation now is set as research grade on something other than what you did an ID as, this URL will do it :


That’s what I meant, thanks.

I substituted my name and found more mavericks than I expected. I thought I was pretty good at looking at my notifications–now I’m not sure I get all of them.


Going to take me a while to clear my mavericks.

Just one left - where I agree with the observer, so that maverick stays.


checked my mavericks. i only have one maverick ID right now, and im right. it looks like a bunch of students or something all agreed with a wrong ID (of a species that can never be IDed with certainty at that) and my ID wasnt enough to change it…


Wow, that’s a handy tool to find one’s own mavericks. Thankfully I only found one for me. Many thanks.

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This will be very helpful to me. I have been concerned about this.

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Thanks for that, @cmcheatle! Didn’t know I had a few lingering oops IDs hanging out there. Great way to find them!

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Yes, thank you @cmcheatle! Great addition to my bookmarks.

This is great, would be cool if it was a button on our inat somewhere to check on every now and then.


Is there a list/page somewhere that has these obscure functions (e.g., find your mavericks) all in one place?


Bookmark it!


Checked mine too, and found a few, mainly from my very first weeks on iNat… ups! But it’s nice to see my progress with these things… Thanks for the URL!

Thanks for the link, it is helpful.

Is there a way to find all instances where someone disagrees with an ID you suggested?
There are probably many occasions where my suggested ID differs with someone else’s but not enough other people have weighed in to create a “maverick” situation.

I guess another way to put it is: when your ID is labelled maverick, the problem has (usually) already been fixed. But when your ID is wrong but not (yet) maverick, the community ID is stuck at a higher taxonomic level than it needs to be.

Even a maverick ID doesn’t NEED to be FIXED… In situations where ID is not certain, it can clearly show there are many possibilities. Ideally, if you are wrong and they are right, you will get tagged to re-evaluate your ID.

Good point. This is more like what I was interested in, I think. The maverick query is useful, but doesn’t reveal all the possible “mistakes” I’ve made.

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