Species complexes and research grade

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I’m working on a parasitic fungus on insects, Hesperomyces virescens. It’s been determined it’s a complex of yet-to-be-described species. One weird thing I noticed on iNaturalist is that it sometimes rewards Research Grade and sometimes still has Needs ID for observations. For example https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/118120661 has three validations of Complex H. virescens, and the observation is Research Grade. However, https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/117865823 has three validations of Complex H. virescens, but it still Needs ID. What causes this?

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Complex ids can’t get to RG without marking it “as good as can be” under DQA.


Yes, the first observation you posted has had “as good as can be” ticked. The second has not. If you know that it isn’t possible to ID further based on evidence in a photo, you can tick that in the DQA and it will become RG.


Ah, that’s what I was missing! Thank you so much.

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