Spelling Error in a Place

I don’t know if you can flag a place so I’ll write it here. The place of Togüí has a spelling error, in INat appears as Toguí, this changes the pronunciation a lot. It should be Togüí with the diéresis.

Fixed! Now Togüí.


I found other, Guicán it should be Güicán

Thanks, fixed that too. For possible future reference, both these spelling errors originated with GADM.

In case it comes up, we know there are some boundary errors too in Colombia, but those are not at all easily fixed like names are.

Are you sure? Still as Guicán.
Yes I have noticed many problems with the bondaries of several cities I hope it can be fixed soon.

Sorry, there’s two names and I forgot to update the second “display name”. Now should show Güicán.

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I found another one, Zetaquirá in Inat, it should be Zetaquira without the tilde, If it has the tilde it can be confused with Sotaquirá.

Tunungua should be Tununguá.

for future reference: is this the best way to report place name errors? and if not, then what is? A few months ago I noticed a number of errors while looking at some regional parks, but couldn’t find any way to fix or report them – I can’t remember them right now, but I’m sure I’ll come across them again.

Zetaquira and Tununguá now fixed too.

For Standard Places, yes. Staff can easily fix Standard Place names (i.e. countries, states, counties/regions/districts/etc). For community curated places, you should contact the person who created the place. Regional parks are (with perhaps just a few exceptions) community curated.