Straggler Daisy mislabeled as introduced in Travis County

I’m not sure why Straggler Daisy is labeled as introduced in Travis County. South Central and Southern Texas are its native range. This label doesn’t help the undeserved bad wrap this beautiful ground cover already gets from landscaping companies.

All users have the ability to change what is marked as native and introduced in different areas. Just go the Travis County checklist ( and change it if you believe it is incorrect.

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Amazing! Thank you so much for the info.

the issue might be that USDA lists it as introduced. on the other hand, BONAP and FNA treat it as native. so USDA is probably wrong in this case.

if you’re fixing Travis County and have extra time, you might consider fixing places (parks, etc.) within Travis and surrounding counties, too. it looks like this is one of the taxa where establishment means in Texas are messed up. iNaturalist’s Taxon Page > Status section won’t let you see all the establishment means setups for this taxon, but you can see them all here:

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It was changed from introduced to native in Travis County 2 years ago:

The issue is that it’s marked introduced in East Texas, and Travis county is in East Texas. It will show introduced if any of the encompassing places is marked introduced, so either you need to change the establishment means for all of East Texas, or change the definition of East Texas to not include Travis County.

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Awesome, didn’t know about that

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