Searching through place entries in "Establishment Means" on taxon Status page

Straggler Daisy (Calyptocarpus vialis; Asteraceae) is native to the southern U.S., among other regions, but is introduced elsewhere in the world. However, the “Establishment Means” for the species seems to get disrupted/misapplied periodically with the addition of new places. The list of “Establishment Means” places for some reason now numbers over 730 entries. Only the first 100 are displayed on the Status page; here is a screen shot of just the top of that list:

Somehow, someone has entered one or more erroneous establishment means status for locations in the U.S. (guess: by changing it to “Introduced” for all the U.S. along with all subordinate places??).
I’m trying to sleuth out the error, but I can’t figure out how to scroll through or search through all of the 730+ places. Is there some efficient way to search through these and/or display all of them?


more relevant discussion:

Thanks, @pisum. That list from is the first half of the task and very informative. However, my goal is to properly edit or delete several of the erroneous establishment means which have been added ad hoc on that long list (e.g. “Introduced” in “Texas (zipcode 78748)”. In the absence of displaying all of them on the Status page, how can edits be done to any of those places that are not in the top 100 displayed on the Status page?

  1. Search for the place in the top left search bar on the home page
  2. Click ‘About’ for the result
  3. This will take you to this page: (for your Texas example)
  4. Scroll down, left hand side click ‘View Check List Page’, takes you to
  5. Search for the species in the white bar that says ‘Type taxon name’ (under the coloured bar charts)
  6. That will take you to another page, from there click the blue hyperlinked ‘edit’ under the photo
  7. On the next new page, click ‘Edit’ next to where it says Introduced, pick the new dropdown menu option, and hit save

Let me know if this works for you

or in fact, to save you all that trouble, once you’re at @pisum’s link, all you have to do is click the value in the ‘Check List ID’ column, and it will bypass my steps 1-5 above and take you straight to step 6

Thanks, @thebeachcomber. That works, although navigating to/through the proper “Edit” buttons can be a little confusing. I’ll be working on editing the status of this particular species in the areas I’m familiar with.

The question remains: IF the Establishment Means in Texas and Travis County are both “Native”, how/when/by whom would the status have been changed for subordinate places? Is there any history of such edits? Very frustrating that this is such a black box.

when a status is updated individually, it should show who updated it, see below

however, in a case like this where the status was applied to a higher level place and then cascaded down to subordinate places, it won’t show on those lower places

for what it’s worth, this is not the first time that the establishment means for Calyptocarpus vialis has been brought up. here are a couple of earlier discussions:

Hopefully, with the documentation of Guy Nesom’s 2011 paper on this species recited in most of the Texas places (where native), this issue shouldn’t arrise anew…but you never know what someone will come along and inject.

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