Submitting an application for becoming an app owner: button not working

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Step 1: We are a participatory science organization, and are developing an app to collect and annotate records seamlessly so that the data is accessible through iNat, parsable, and can be aggregated with our other project records. The output is observations that go beyond the anecdotal recording of biodiversity, but also have scientific relevance with the ability to build species interaction networks.

Step 2: We are trying to apply, but the application page is faulty.
The page where to apply shows a button, which when we click does not lead to an application process, just some text mentioning the condition to meet (, which we do.

Please advise.

Thanks, - Claire O’Neill

Step 3:

Are you logged in as akilee? If so, that account has not made 10 improving IDs in the last month. I think I count 7 or 8 if I go to

Hmmm… It’s odd: I have made in the past month 754 first identifications (not using vision/machine-learning algos), more than 300 of which have been confirmed by the community > and set to a research grade.

I had our devs check and they found 7 so I don’t think it’s a bug, at least not in the application requirement area. It looks like you added a bunch of IDs today so hopefully once some of those are agreed to by the community, you can get to the application page.

I surely hope so, because it’s a wild goose chase right now: waiting for the community to push the game, so that some of the hundred or so of leading observations I made today for hours turn to ‘improving’ … Not accepting observations first ID’d that led to Research Grade (more than 4,500 in my case this year alone, and 18,974 of RG over time) is a bit tough to swallow to be quite honest.

So finally it went through. I applied and I have a question: how do we know that the application has been indeed received? I don’t see an email trace or a link back to the application. And how will we be notified of progress of the review of the application? Thanks, - Claire

when i applied earlier this year, i was notified of approval via e-mail from to the address associated with my iNaturalist account. i applied late on a Monday (during the work week), and i was approved on Tuesday.

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We received it over the weekend and I just responded. Since this wasn’t a bug, I’m going to close the topic.