Subscribed place occasionaly shows obs with wrong location (different from subscribed)

I’m subscribed to new obs from Kazakstan and from time to time observations from other locations are showing up. I remember couple from France, one from Canada, and today one from the US appeared in my dashboard. Nothing serious, just a minor annoyance.

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You’ll still get a notification if an observation is posted in Kazakhstan, but the location gets changed afterwards.

If the ones in N. America are all at roughly the same latitude as Kazakhstan, then you’re probably getting notified when an observation goes up with a missing negative sign on longitude. For the ones from France it’s latitude copy-pasted into both the latitude and longitude fields.

(My job involves dealing with the data generated by lots of people doing manual data entry into latitude/longitude fields. I manually double-check all coordinates in Kazakhstan, since most of the real coordinates I deal with are in N. America and western Europe.)

If I’m right, then it’s interesting to know that a lot of people are manually copying latitude and longitude from a GPS to their iNat observations.