Subspecies and Relationships with POWO

I added the two subspecies of Daviesia mimosoides and, having recently become aware of Taxon Framework Relationships, tried to set this up. POWO only lists D. m. acris and I think I have set that relationship correctly but I’m not sure if I have done D. m. mimosoides correctly. I think I might have done something wrong.

Ok, I think I have now done the right thing. I deleted the relationship I was trying to do in D. m. mimosoides and added the subspecies to the parent species (so a many-to-one relationship). Is it now correct?

What I usually do with missing autonyms (there are many), is to add a deviation leaving the external name empty, and include a note below stating something along the lines of “Autonym not yet captured by POWO although other infraspecies are accepted”.

I don’t know that this is the correct way to do it, and I think your way is more elegant and maybe more taxonomically correct. Keen to hear what others are doing nowadays.

I too do it is this way. Doesn’t adding it as a many to 1 suggest/infer that POWO has actual data, as opposed to missing data that puts the nominate under the full species. If that were the case I would expect to see the nominate listed as a synonym to the full species, since POWO clearly does not have a blanket policy rejecting nominate ssp as entered ones can be found.