Suggestion - iNat should prioritize Domestic Yak ID over Wilk Yak ID

I’ve noticed a problem with Yak ids because I subscribe to the Wild Yak taxon. When you type ‘Yak’ into the ID field the first suggestion is always Wild Yak, and Domestic does not appear for me. This leads to almost every ID of Wild Yaks being incorrect and I find myself typing the same explanation on almost every Wild Yak observation.

There are only 2 Wild Yak sightings on iNat, with an estimated under 10,000 global population. This is a small percentage of yak sightings, which is admittedly also not large at 37, but a disproportionate amount of them are originally incorrectly id’d as Wild Yak.

Edit - 2 Wild Yak, one of those 3 was misidentified.


There are no suggestions being made here, species ID suggestions can only happen when a species is in the computer vision model, which will not be the case for either, as that requires a minimum of 100 observations.

What you are getting is autocomplete or text matching. Entering just ‘yak’ likely prioritizes the wild as there are 2 languages where that is entered as the common name. Unless those are removed which is likely not appropriate, it will always be 1st as it is an exact text match to the name.


Domestic Yak was likely not appearing because “Yak” was not included as a common name. I added “Yak” as a common name for Domestic Yak, so it should show up in the autocomplete suggestions now.


Looking good.

Looks good now, thanks.

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