Sweden - iNaturalist World Tour

We’re featuring on Sweden on the World Tour today.

You know the drill. Here’s the GADM Level 1 and Level 2 places we’re using. Thoughts on these places?

Are there needs or issues with translation or local names?

What else can we do make iNaturalist better in Sweden?

I wonder if there is a way where iNaturalist could collaborate with the Swedish species observation portal Artportalen which is run by SLU university in Sweden. The purposes are different, but there is a lot of overlap and if some observations and data is shared or jointly searchable, then it would be great. Especially for non-Swedish scientists looking for Swedish observation data. Just a thought.

Oddly, I just wrote almost the same thing on the blog post on the actual iNat site :

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Also, the places (2 levels) you are using are fine, they are the administrative provinces (län) and municipalities (kommun). There is another geographic division in Sweden, landskap, but that does not fit the administrative regions that deal with conservation and reporting. At least I think so, maybe check what Artportalen is using.

I know my sister @evahedstrom has some throughts on common names in Swedish, and she has entered many of them by hand. Isn’t there another way to upload common names in batches?

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I provided the site a list of over 20,000 common names in Swedish in 2018 to load into the system in the format they use for bulk uploads (yes, bulk uploads can be done). They chose not to because I don’t live in Sweden, therefore I did not represent demand or need for it.


Yeah, seems like a chicken and egg problem.

@cmcheatle - What? You don’t represent Sweden? What about helping all of us that use Swedish names and live or do not live in Sweden? (I am in the US). @loarie, please reconsider this decision about the list of common names.

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