Symbiotic relationships in species from the temperate rainforests


I am currently working on a project about Temperate Rainforests and I would like to talk about some example of a symbiotic relationship. Anyone who works or researches taxa in those areas have any cool ones? Any taxa is fine I would love to hear what interesting relationships are found in these regions.


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Not in the least bit an expert at all here but one that I could think of off the top of my head would be poison dart frogs and bromeliads. Apparently the frogs raise their young in the pool of water the bromeliads have and the tadpole poop provides the plant with extra nutrition. Does that count as a symbiotic relationship? Bromeliad provide safety for tadpole, tadpole provides food for bromeliad. I’m not entirely sure about this so experts please correct me.

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I believe the original poster was asking about temperate rainforests.

The one example that comes to mind off the top of my head is lichens. Obviously lichens are a symbiosis between a photobiont and one or more mycobionts, but I think some of the photobionts are nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria as well; in old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, nitrogen fixation by lichen followed by lichen fall and decomposition is a significant component of the soil nitrogen budget.


whoops, apologies. but symbiotic relationships in general is an interesting topic nonetheless.