Symphyotrichum racemosum observations

I would like to make a request for anyone with the knowledge to identify some of the needs_id Symphyotrichum racemosum observations. There are around 160 without confirmed (or changed) IDs. I am not confident enough with this species to trust myself doing it.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ll get to these eventually. I’m subscribed to Asteraceae and Fraxinus of the Great Lakes Basin and I’m slowly chipping away at them.

I’m glad I’m not the only one working through Symphyotrichums!

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I’ll look through these as well. My guess though is that a lot can’t be identified to species, as my impression has been that Symphyotrichum racemosum is one of the more difficult asters to identify from photos alone (especially if they are just of the capitula viewed from above).

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