Tags not working in description

I’ve noticed several instances where I’ve been tagged in comments and didn’t get the notifications from it. This was the most recent example: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/26962112
It seems inconsistent as I do seem to get notifications for these kinds of tags some of the time (maybe it has to do with whether the observer typed it in when posting or added it in afterward?).

tags in description (and I think tags in the comment field of an identification) don’t generate alerts, at least to my experience.

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@nathantaylor I just uploaded a test observation where I’ve tagged you. Let me know if you get a notification.

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@nathantaylor I just tried one from an ID comment on that same observation

actually, I may be confused, because I am certain that the ID comment field isn’t included in searches on comment fields, so I might be mixing the two issues…

Yeah, unfortunately I went to the page just after you tagged me so it probably wouldn’t register even if it was working. If you could try again, that’d be great.

@kiwifergus Got your notification! https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/27617233#identification-60242830

I’ve tried it from another…

ok, confirmed, I was confused… sorry for jumping in and confusing things :)