Taking care of a carnivorous plant

I have some carnivorous plants belonging to the genera Dionaea, Sarracenia e Drosera. I wish I had some information so I could grow it as best I could.

P.S. One of the Dionaea is blooming

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There are quite a few forums and facebook groups as well as a Discord server dedicated to carnivorous plants that you can find a lot of experienced growers on.

However here are some care guides I’ve come across that should be helpful:

If anyone’s finding carnivorous plants in the wild, here’s a project that collects all the taxa together: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/carnivorous-plants-of-the-world

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flytrap care forums are a very good place to find information…and they have a seed bank that you can order seeds from for free except the price of postage.


The folks over at the r/SavageGarden subreddit will assist you, too.

Having kept sundews, I find it best to keep them permanently in a basin of water. I think the same applies for Venus fly traps, but I am less sure.

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