Tarantulas on Mount Diablo

Hello iNat Friends,
I am hoping to observe tarantulas during their yearly mating season and was thinking of heading to Mount Diablo. Does anyone have tips/recommendations on any specific location or trail that might be a good place to encounter them?

Many thanks in advance.
-LJ (ocean_beach_goth)

Hi @ocean_beach_goth, since this isn’t a question specifically about iNaturalist, I moved it to the Nature Talk section of the Forum.

That said, the iNaturalist explore filters can be used to explore questions like this anywhere in the world. For Tarantulas on Mount Diablo, the following link will get you started:


You can click on Filters => More Filters to change any of the search criteria from this initial link.

@jdmore thanks! Sorry about miscategorizing my post initially, and >facepalm< I should have thought to use search filters in iNat itself to look for locations of previous observations. Thanks for the guidance!

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Go around dusk and the males will be out wandering, I usually walk on trails off of North Gate Road but I’ve also seen them up Mitchell Canyon. Definitely be careful on the roads as tarantulas are often ever so slowly walking on them. They’re often in pullouts off the road as well. Good luck!

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Hope you have better luck with the tarantulas after the scorpion no-shows last week!

drive/walk around on deserted roads around 6-7 pm. You are sure to see some

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