Tardigrade taxonomy?

Hello, is there any taxonomy working group for tardigrades? one of our experts is asking about adding some species and we do not want to make things the wrong way. So far I have seen nothing about this group.


Carlos Velazco


would http://www.tardigrada.net/register/taxonomy.htm work from Phylum down to Genus?


But here on iNat?, is there any expert or working group? Antonio Moreno, is a mexican biologist who is working with this group, and he is willing to keep the taxonomy up to date.

Antonio Moreno provided a link with a checklist of that group http://www.evozoo.unimore.it/…/documento1080026927.html
Maybe it helps.

@loarie can correct me, but I believe “official” (ie created by Scott) working groups are for taxa that have a global taxonomic reference which iNat follows, eg Birds and the Clements checklist. Then discussions can be had about explicit deviations from that taxonomic reference.

Since iNat doesn’t follow anything taxonomic reference for tardigrades, there’s no working group for it. So the first step would be to agree on a taxonomic reference like the one Scott put forth.

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Ok, thanks for this information, now can he work on this matter on the platform?

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@loarie, any thoughts?

As tiwane said, there’s nothing to stop curators from changing the Tardigrad taxonomy currently. If folks would like to follow the Taxon Framework protocol being used for other groups (e.g. birds, reptiles, etc.) as tiwane said the next step would be to pick an external reference and discuss/map specific deviations from that reference, that way everyone know in what direction t hey should be curating the taxonomy.

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