Taxon change source suggestions taken up by irrelevant sources

It’s a huge pain to add the proper sources to taxon changes anymore. I first noticed this after I manually added a source that had the word “mollusca” in it. Every time I tried to add MolluscaBase as a source, only that one source came up until I typed “molluscab”. Now, however, if I type in all of “molluscabase”, one source (a different source) comes up. This new change just happened today and I don’t even know why that source is popping up. I’ve never used it before.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 8.54.33 PM

But if I add two spaces the old sources come up.

This happened with “worms” too, although now it’s up to three sources.

And you only have to add one space after.

That’s a huge pain to type in every time though. I used to be able to just type “mol” and more MolluscaBases than I ever wanted would come up. It sort of seemed like it was remembering sources I’d created and was prioritizing those, but the reason I created them was because they were a deviation and I’d hardly ever need them. Now it seems more random. I did create that Australian earthworm source, but none of the others in the screenshots. Is there a way to delete these from my suggested? Or have sources I regularly use prioritized instead? This seemed to be a secondary sort method after sources created. I’ve cleared my cache and it happens in multiple browsers so it’s an account thing. Has anyone else had an issue like this?

Chrome/Safari on Mac


I also noticed that with MolluscaBase a few hours ago, maybe related to the server upgrade/change yesterday? Hopefully the more popular sources will prioritize with use.

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Yeah, the Sources search has been finicky for years. No need to add each individual taxon URL as a new source though. You can just select the general source, e.g. its homepage URL, and add a more specific link in the taxon change description if you want.

I don’t have any issues searching for this one right now:

This has still been an issue for me and makes taxon changes rather time-consuming. Am I the only one this is happening to?

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When I add a source to a new taxon or a taxon change the very general ‘MolluscaBase -, Added on Feb. 06, 2021 13:45:43 +1300’ is at the top of the list after typing just the two letters ‘mo’

Must be an issue with my account because it’s happening on multiple browsers even when I clear cookies.

Still happening. It would be nice if all these sources could get merged into one.

But I’ve found a workaround where I add a space after “mol” or “moll” and that’s just as easy to type as anything else I would want. So I guess that’s good enough, even if it doesn’t actually fix the problem.
Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 8.01.36 PM