Taxon image for Wigginisia wigginsi sought

Does anybody have, or know where I can find, an image of Wigginsia wigginsi de Laubenfels for its taxon page? Hopefully it might dissuade naive users from identifying cacti as sponges!


Sorry, I can’t help you but I sympathize. Very often, people type Artemesia when they mean Artemisia and end up identifying a plant as a shrimp… Both taxa have an image but that doesn’t help much.

There is a 2002 book, Systema Porifera, with a chapter on the Family Acarnidae that has an image that may work?
Book link:

Fig 12 in the fifth chapter (pdf):

…still might not dissuade them from identifying their cacti as a sponge though…

Good image but no doubt copyright would prevent iNat from using it.

was hoping there might be pre-1926 (automatically public domain) images in the biodiversity heritage library archives. species was published in the fifties though, so no dice. Did come across this interesting line:

" Wigginsia is in all ways as beautiful as Higginsia."


Hadn’t even considered the copyright issue- I’m sure Springer would not share copyright!

Could maybe email the author and see if he would provide a non-copyrighted photo? I’m he has many more images and he works at a museum, which might make him more likely to respond for citizen science :)

Worth asking Springer. It’s for a citizen science project and nonprofit use after all. In my experience, more often than not I received permission for reprinting images provided we mentioned the source. That was for printed stuff though. Would not know about digital material.

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