Taxon page appearing blank

Platform: Website

Browser : Firefox, Chrome, and Edge


Description of problem: As the title states, the page appears blank, except for the top iNat ribbon and footer along the bottom. No content on the species. This is the only page I’ve found with this issue. I just identified an observation as this species, and the species page was blank before and after my id, which still went through as normal.

Not also this is a monotypic genus and the genus page appears normal.

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it looks like there’s a taxon status record that has an unexpected format that the page is not parsing properly. if there’s a way to do it other than from the page which isn’t working, i would try changing (or deleting) the offending status record as a possible quick way to bypass the error.

the page is logging this error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(最重要保護生物(A))/: Unmatched ')' (at taxa-show-webpack-...)

here’s the relevant status record from

  "taxon_id": 714257,
  "taxon_name": "Kirkaldyia deyrolli",
  "taxon_rank": "species",
  "status": "最重要保護生物(A)",
  "authority": "千葉県レッドリスト動物編2019年改訂版",
  "iucn": 50,
  "url": "",
  "description": null,
  "source_id": null,
  "geoprivacy": "open",
  "updater_id": null,
  "created_at": "2022-05-12T13:26:47+00:00",
  "updated_at": "2022-05-12T13:26:47+00:00",
  "user": {
    "id": 5401994,
    "login": "norose",
    "icon_url": null,
    "orcid": null
  "place": {
    "id": 10907,
    "name": "Chiba",
    "display_name": "Chiba, JP",
    "admin_level": 10,
    "ancestor_place_ids": [

Thanks, there were a lot of status records and they all were not appropriately formatted so I removed them all and now it works.

hmmm… interesting. i didn’t pay attention to the rest of the taxon statuses. could you tell if they all had parentheses like (A) in the one that the page was originally throwing an error on? or was it just that the page doesn’t like taxon statuses that use Japanese / Kanji characters? (it’s possible that the system should handle both parentheses and non-Western characters. if so, this may be a bug report that still needs to be resolved in the code.)

if you don’t remember, i guess @tiwane and other staff may be able to see the original setup in their staging environment.

I did not notice parentheses, but they were definitely all Japanese characters. I sent a message to norose, who added the statuses, to see if there are issues on other pages.