Taxon swap renders RG obs Casual if Opt Out of Community ID engaged

Perhaps this has been acknowledged elsewhere but thought to bring it up as I have never encountered it before. For several dozen entries of a moth species recently the subject of a taxon swap a month ago, I only just noticed that all those of research grade (42) were rendered casual.

One example:

Pondering it a moment, I thought to opt in community ID for the specific entry, and RG was restored. So, with a fix at hand, this is nothing more than a nuisance I suppose but as numerous other taxon swaps have not caused this to happen, I thought to bring it up.

I suspect I now must search through any number of recent taxon swaps to ascertain whether there is a similar problem. Can one search on “Casual Grade” observations?

I suspect this has been fixed as a similar taxon swap today affecting 32 of my observations caused no such change. Ex:


Thanks Thomas.

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And thank you for that link.