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I’ve had some folks asking me about resources for insects that aren’t listed in the Curator Guide, so thought I would shamelessly take @bobby23’s journal post and move it here to the #curators section on the forum. This is a wiki, so anyone can add to it, and hopefully it’s more easily findable here on the forum. :)

iNaturalist Taxonomic Authorities

As of April 2020, iNaturalist follows these sources for certain insect groups globally and in certain places:

See more detail on iNaturalist policies and taxonomic authorities in the Curator Guide.

Other insect orders with complete sources

• Blattodea (cockroaches and termites): Cockroach Species File Online
• Dermaptera (earwigs): Dermaptera Species File Online
• Embiidina (webspinners): Embioptera Species File Online
• Ephemeroptera (mayflies): Ephemeroptera of the World
• Plecoptera (stoneflies): Plecoptera Species File Online
• Psocodea (lice): Psocodea Species File Online
• Siphonaptera (fleas): FLEAS
• Thysanoptera (thrips): Paraneoptera Species File Online
• Trichoptera (caddisflies): Trichoptera World Checklist Database
• Zoraptera (zorapterans): Zoraptera Species File
• Superorder Neuropterida, including Megaloptera, Neuroptera, and Raphidioptera (dobsonflies, fishflies, antlions, lacewings, snakeflies, etc): Neuropterida Species of the World (NSW)

Other orders with partial sources

Other orders completely missing sources

• Archaeognatha (bristletails)
• Mecoptera (scorpionflies, hangingflies, and allies)
• Strepsiptera (twisted-winged insects)
• Zygentoma (silverfishes)

Thanks Bobby and others for compiling this list!


@bouteloua If I want to add a new regional approved source, would I first run it though iNat staff for approval?

I would flag the taxon first, iNat would want to see some community buy in.

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