Thank you everyone

Today I would like to thank everyone on iNaturalist. Thank you to the people who add IDs, the people who add observations to iNaturalist, staff and thank you to the mods. Thank you everyone for all you do. You are all very important. Even if you are reading this without an account, thank you. Thank you to all my friends here at iNaturalist. iNaturalist brings great people like you together. We can all connect and learn here. Thank you to the people who added wrong IDs(I did a few times). And one last time: Thank you.


I would like to thank especially everyone who IDs Kingdom Plantae. I have done a lot of identifying on Unknowns, but probably more than 50% of my IDs have been “Plants”, “Vascular Plants”, or “Flowering Plants”. The people who narrow these down to genus and species are doing much more work than me.


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awww!!! :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:
same! thank you people!! we are having a great time here!!!


Plantae is my favorite category!


I do a lot of plant IDs. I love when people also add the ID for flowering plants because I know very little about the other ones. I can spend more time focusing on IDing to family, species, etc. rather than sifting through everything to find something I may be able to help with.


I thank everyone who knows more about Fungi and other insects. Also, as @lappelbaum, @arboretum_amy, and @fluffyinca have already stated, thank you for all the refined plant IDs. :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :palm_tree: :cactus:


First of all, I’ll like to thank Dr. Joe Hanson, the host of YouTube channel It’s Okay To Be Smart, for introducing me to iNat through a video he made about iNat during lockdown ! Then I would like to thank all iNat staff, who keep running this amazing site ! And last, but not least, I would thank all iNat community, which is nicer and more supporting than any other online community ! Thank you iNat, for introducing me to this AMAZING world of nature !


i like to thank whoever involved in any way on this project too. Especially, ID’in unknown things, i feel like yeey we are almost decreasing this closer to 0, come on some more. and of course to people who ID til last point, i learn new species each day thanks to you. and last but not least, to observers who adds beautiful photos that make me admire the nature from where i reach to their view.

ps: i just can kill who ever made me to be addicted this site to tag more than 1000 kingdom in 2 days, i feel like it is my responsibility to fight with unknowns now :joy: whyyyy :joy:


Thank you for all of your amazing identifications!


Also thanks to the amazing people who IDed some of my gull observations to species, especially @jsulzmann and nmrvelj! I can’t get past Larus, so there must be a lot of work going into those identifications.


It’s a bit late, but I would like to thank everyone too. My experience here has been great. I love the community, and tip my hat to anyone involved in setting iNat up, maintaining it, formulating it’s awesome ‘rules’ and to all who contribute ID’s and contribute to this forum (and to those who will join). I’ve met many fine people, albeit electronically, and have learned a huge amount. I find Life, whether human or not, to be very fascinating.


It’s never to late to say thank you!


Just adding a belated thank you, as well, from me and a special 7 year old friend who is excited to learn and explore nature along with the help of all at iNaturalist.


Thanks to those who tolerate my bad temper and to those who have taught me something.


I also would like to thank the people who stayed calm when I added the wrong IDs!


Love how much kids care about nature!

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Thank you!!!

The channel is so good! Thanks for sharing that link!

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