The Growing Utility of Online Photo Sharing for Entomology Research

“The increasing volume of insect photo observations shared on iNaturalist and similar sites can no longer be ignored, and entomologists are finding ways to use it. A review in Annals of the Entomological Society of America digs into best practices for bolstering entomological research with this growing body of citizen-science data. Among various findings, the researchers note an over-representation among online photo sharing of butterflies and moths (order Lepidoptera) and of arthropods from the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America…”


Amazing, an “assistant research professor of arthropod identification.” Who’d have thought.

Interesting article though, thank you for sharing it.

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Very nice graphs in this article …It seems iNat made a huge leap after summer 2018 while other websites did not make a huge progress?

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I would add that iNat doesn’t punish me for my varied interests. I can post moths, bees, myxos, and birds all to the same site and nobody will complain. I don’t need to remember multiple sites and logins. I can concentrate on making observations rather than the administrivia of posting them.


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