The search for the turtle dove - was it worth it?

Following the long process of sifting through every pigeon that crosses my eyes as well as excursions to several locations, the passage migration has reach its final days and the weather is no longer bearable. Needless to say, I haven’t seen the turtle dove and I was beaten to it in sighting, even if I were to see it eventually

However, I can’t say that I am disappointed. Despite my limited options in movement and restrictions due to me not having a license and driving around the country whenever I wished and further exaggerated by the immense pressure of examinations throughout the most crucial month of migration, I still feel my efforts were paid off in another way. Yes, I failed to achieve my goal, but I saw other things. I saw passage migrants, like the pallid harrier, the common rock thrush, and the European bee eater. I saw other common species up close like the grey francolin and the crested lark. I even saw some threatened birds, most notably the Eurasian curlew and the black-tailed godwit in its spectacular breeding plumage.

I still have my head up, as there is still another goal. By then I would have gotten my license and freedom to go around the country wherever I wish, in colder weather and the need for exams lifted off my shoulders as the sociable lapwing arrives to this country

As for the turtle dove, maybe next year.


Hey, it´s always good if you are able to see that the path is actually the destination… nothing wrong in finally also reaching the destination and celebrate as long as one is also able to enjoy the way to it!

Here is to better luck next year and otherwise just more amazing hours enjoying nature!


Many of my most interesting (to me) finds happen when I was looking for something else. You had a great season, which makes me happy! :)


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