The vanishing of a fellow iNatter

P.S. Could a mod/the OG poster add the name of the iNatter in again? I heard it was removed, but this is not a bad instance in which to use a name to talk about somebody. His name was [username removed by moderator] by the way.

Respectfully, when someone chooses to leave, they have made that choice for a reason, so to undermine their personal agency by coming on after they have left and saying their name and rehashing their situation is poor form, even if done with kindness and friendship.

Please remove the name @silaseckhardt . When in doubt, do not post the personal situations of others.


Yes, when in doubt it’s best not to name individual users in regards to personal choices and issues that could be construed as negative. The OP made the decision not to do so and keep the thread focused more generally on thoughts inspired by a deleted account and the issue more broadly. I would suggest deleting the user’s name from your post.


Is that the papal or editorial “we”?

Please look at their profile; their pronouns are listed at the top (we/us-they/them pronouns).


“That being said i do periodically download a spreadsheet with all my species IDs and location, because i am paranoid i would lose that due to some unforeseen issue.”

Does iNat provide a link to do this or do you have to go through all your IDs and put them in a spreadsheet one by one

I am also kind of paranoid

See also (with updated download link):

Backup and Recovery software for IDs and comments on your observations


yeah i don;t use any external software i just export all my observations with name, date, ID, lat lon, and link. I am not that concerned about the photos and moer concerned about the observations themselves. It also helps to back up my IDs because of the taxonomic activity on iNat that may remove or invalidate IDs later.

The software I propose does not back up photos.

I does not only back up (IDs and comments), it also helps you for the recovery, by telling you directly all the IDs that have been lost.

And in the backup it maintains a complete follow up (IDs added, disabled, removed).

For the very first time, the backup and recovery software tells me that I got lost identifications. 9 identifications, all of Jacobaea vulgaris, all from the same identifier. Checking the profile page of this identifier, I see that the account does not exist anymore. No ID to restore in this case, as I identified them all already when I uploaded the observations. Just one “Thank you!” comment to remove.


usually if you want to…stop being an iNat member you should state that your inactive, log out of your user and never log in again, so that way all your IDs don’t vanish.
I guess that would have been a pretty big blow to a lot of peoples observations.


Jessee Smith