Say something nice about another iNatter


@mcaple isn’t part of the forum, but I’d like to compliment @mcaple’s impressive identification accuracy and sheer volume of identifications.

I’d also like to call out @birds_bugs_botany for his dedication to his home patch and detailed inventory of virtually every taxon within 5 km of there (including things I’ve never found there).


I continue to be amazed by @bouteloua. She knows how to do everything on iNat, she’s constantly showing us how to do something, she’s totally gracious, and she seems available every single day.


@brandonwoo is incredibly dedicated and reliable for orthoptera IDs.


I couldn’t agree more. @bouteloua, @marykeim, and @j_appleget always amaze me in both their extensive knowledge of native flora and iNaturalist. Thank you.


I’d like to thank @ellendale for her kindness and willingness to ID, @choess for his constant identifying of Delaware/Pennsylvania plants and willingness to answer questions and give explanations, @nlblock for all the butterfly IDs, @johnascher for his expertise with bumble bees, and all the birders who seem to be able to magically identify birds from the worst cell phone photos ever taken (all by me).


I would like to thank @arethusa for all his work with Orchidaceae (especially North American species), as well as @diegobogarin for all his work with Costa-Rican orchids and @erichagsater for his outstanding work IDing Epidendrum species. In addition, I would like to thank all of the iNat staff and curators for making (and keeping) iNat an easy to use, well organized and otherwise spectacularly well made platform! Seriously, this is the internet, how did something as great as iNat get here?


I want to thank in particular @borisb and @wongun for their incredible dedication to identifying beetles and bugs, respectively. It’s always nice to be able to put a specific name to an organism, but it is particularly satisfying when it’s a tropical invertebrate. And to all the many other brilliant people on this site - thank you.


So true! And they seemed to appear from nowhere with all these great IDs ! Same with @tsn a few years before.

All of that and she’s definitely the best inat curator too. (Though there are lots of good ones doing lots of good things).

@silversea_starsong for both quantity and quality and amazingly spanning all sorts of taxa.

And a bunch more people but I’m on my phone and it’s hard to type now.


@leonperrie, NZ fern expert and Curator of Botany at a Museum, looks at the most ordinary and poor quality observations of ferns, gives what info he can, [often amazingly able to ID species, but that’s a bonus], often accompanied by great ID tips. I regret that I cannot always remember them or locate them for future obs, but gradually I am learning some invaluable things from his IDs and comments


I can always count on lucareptile, tysmith, joshualincoln, imasongster, @pbedell, @ericwilliams greglasley to help ID my observations, and they are always so helpful! Thanks to all of them, you’ve helped me immensely! (I’m a newbie to the forum so it wouldn’t let me tag more than two).


@jonathan142 is handy on wasp identification in the Caribbean


My huge thanks to @techieoldfox, @sethmiller, @rejoicegassah, @peterslingsby and many others who helped to bring my insects to the correct hives. I don’t know what I would have done with them otherwise.


Everybody above, everybody in the posts below, and especially:

@tony_wills for welcoming me and supporting my early learning in iNat,

@stephen_thorpe for identifying my first observation (and many since),

@murray_dawson for his support on my first big project,

@meurc for inflicting me on y’all with an invite to the old google groups


This is great!

I’m very thankful the the tight crew starting to develop in the Northern Rockies, which didn’t exist a year ago.

Serious props to @milletman for blasting into Montana’s top observer spot, and being an active and educated identifier. I imagine his Manual of Montana Vascular Plants (Lesica, 2012) is right next to his computer at all times.

@je9h for much the same north of the border. I probably wouldn’t have very many RG observations or know as many botanical diagnostics without the help.

@caremarie for being a Montana birding machine and starting up some fascinating work using spectrogram images on iNat.

@mctoshack and the other Adventure Scientist crew on their butterfly survey work on iNat.

@dbachan for setting up a way to capture iNat data into the Montana Natural Heritage Project database and talking with me about getting iNat exposure to professionals.

All of the road trippers who left a trail of observations through the region last Summer! I’m looking at you, @kathawk, @mrfish33, @morganstickrod! :D


Thank you @octobertraveler and ditto for @choess and @nlblock. I would also like to thank @ericwilliams and numerous others for their explanations (and patience :-)


Both @carrieseltzer and @sambiology have been excellent models of how to be not only super helpful iNat experts, but also welcoming, kind, and patient with new and less experienced users.