Thinking of getting a lens kit, what is the best buy?

I am using an iPhone 6 currently and would like to invest in a lens kit. My budget is £40 but I would prefer anything less than £30. I would preferably like it in a kit so that everything is in the same place and I don’t have the worry of loosing parts & so it is easily transported. Looking at taking photos birds, plants, fungus, bugs, to put things short everything. Any suggestions would be brilliant!

There are a few existing relevant threads you might want to check out: (less smartphone centric)


If you can get it, really recommend Ztylus Revolver, which is noted on one of the other threads.
Otherwise, I found Olloclip also good for iPhone 6.
But the Revolver is just exceptional compared to all other phone lens setups I’ve tried.
Whatever you do, I recommend not to go for the cheaper universal clip-on ones - better just to shoot through a loupe.


Just wanted to say that if you buy a lens kit, most likely the only one of the set that you will use will be the macro lens. That will help where you need a close-up shot showing detail, but is not going to help at all with taking photos of birds and a lot of plants.

The individual lenses can be easy to lose, but if they are very cheap that is not so much of a problem.


I have read all your replies. Thank you!

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