Thoughts on Changing Bird Names

True, but there are also only so many variation on ‘yellow something some warbler’ etc. you can use before they become impractical too.


Or Pac-man frogs. Sure, my generation played Pac-man, but younger generations, not so much.

The irony, after everything we read about the value of scientific names over common names: in some taxa, common names have remained stable through multiple revisions of the scientific name. Whether we’re discussing Salmo gairdneri or Oncorhynchus mykiss, anglers know what a rainbow trout is.


I’m not a fan of anything being named after people. To me, it seems rather arrogant and selfish. Common names should reflect some characteristic, behavior or location of the species. Such as the American Robin. It’s a thrush not a Robin in the vein of European robins. What bothers me is the idea of splitting species such the mallard clan and Red Tailed Hawks. If there are obvious genetic differences than they should be changed.

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Ceratophryids are a better example, haha.