"Thousands of native plants are unphotographed..."

You only have 9K

Over here in the US, that would be the state of Washington in the Pacific northwest. Aren’t abbreviations fun? When I moved from Germany to Delaware, I used to joke that my location hadn’t really changed that much going from DE as the two-letter country code for Germany (Deutschland) to DE for Delaware here in the US.


It’s not just plants. I was totally amazed that my totally obvious beetle on a Texas bluebonnet flower turned out not to have any photos from the wild, at least in iNaturalist.


@jbecky: That’s so cool! - Hope you can do more observations of this beetle.

Was it one of your general observation-areas?

Hear, hear!

It’s exciting when you get a “first known photograph of a living specimen”. I got a couple in Kings Canyon in Central Australia last year.

One of my beetles wasn’t identified, but mentioned that it was possibly something never recorded. It was back when I was using my phone camera so the images aren’t very good. But at times like that I wish I knew more about what I’m photographing!

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