Threatened filter on places and place checklists should exclude extinct species

For example on the Denmark place licking birds and threatened should not return Pinguinus impennis. Being extinct already it is not really appropriate to consider it threatened, it is too late for that.

And no one should be licking birds anyway. :P

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I was a little concerned about that too… was wondering if I was missing something… as I looked quizically out the window at the mynahs and wondering what they would taste like… feathery I suspect…

I thought everything unusual tastes like chicken! Just uncooked in that particular case.

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yeah… KFM… of course you would need more than just a lick to get that level of taste!

Back on track…
We have a bird in NZ that is declared extinct, and there have been unverified accounts of sightings. There is a reward for verifiable proof of it not being extinct, so I wonder if there are use cases for including the extinct taxa. I can understand in the case of long extinct species, but in terms of recent extinctions…?

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Similar situation with the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the US.


I can ask someone where I’m working in SE Asia what they taste like. I know a few ex-poachers who will have eaten them in the past. Their descriptions may not be all that reliable though, given some of the things they’ve said taste good and that I’ve tried.


True. So maybe they should only be excluded if they have been extinct for a long period of time?
Then again, weren’t the coelacanth believed to be extinct from the cretaceous until 1938 when they were discovered? You’d think a few million years was long enough to declare something definitively extinct…but it turns out, not so much.

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