Times/Time-zones not matching up when viewing by "My Observations" vs actual observation

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When viewing observations through the “My Observations” tab, the time observed does not match up to the time observed on the actual observation. This is also included when sorting by date observed. When you look at the two links I provided, the first is a list of observations sorted by date observed. Note the first one, the milkweed. It has the date observed time as 5.20pm CDT. When you click on the observation, you will see the time was actually 3:20 CDT. This time was the accurate time by the way. Is this a common bug? Any way to fix it? I noticed some of the other observations display the wrong time zone as well

Look at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/time-zones-confusion/25291?u=melodi_96
If observations themselves show wrong timezone you can fix it manually editing them (if your profile settings are correct).

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