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Incorrect time zone is shown for some of my observations, matching neither my location nor the location/time of the observation. This is even though I have a default time zone set in my account setting. I can’t fix the time zone manually because the correct time zone of the observation (DST) is not available in the menu (perhaps because it is currently not being used?). It is inconvenient because people are asking me to correct the time of the observation (e.g. for night time photos) even though it is in fact correct, but shown using incorrect time zone. Any advice how to fix this would be appreciated.

Sometimes including some links to the affected observations and noting what platform you are on (desktop, Android, or iOS) helps others sort out what might be happening. Screenshots are also sometimes useful in some instances. Knowing the correct time zone might help if the issue is a missing DST time zone. Thanks!

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For example this observation is incorrectly showing SAST time zone. It was uploaded from the iphone app with the data taken from the picture. The correct time zone of the observation is DST. Although it is a night time photo, the time shown is 10:35 AM.

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I’ve also noticed that a lot of my observations are displayed as if they were from the wrong time zone (GMT-02:00) when they were made in the time zone GMT-03:00. I don’t know why this occurs as both my mobile device and computer are set to be in GMT-03:00, and my default time zone is set in my iNaturalist profile also as GMT-3:00.

Here is an example:

The correct time for this observation should be 15:29 (GMT-03:00) not 16:29 (GMT-02:00)

The weird thing about this is that when I go into the observation to edit it, the time zone is shown correctly as GMT-03:00

!Screenshot_2020-01-11 Editing Observation 37223645 · iNaturalist

It seems to be something specific to the observation view, because in “Your observations” the time zone is also shown correctly

Please feel free to transfer this post to Bug Reports if necessary


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