Timezone for identifications (bug or setting issue?)

I don’t know if this is a bug or I am missing a setting. When I look at the time people have made comments or identifications, they are in the wrong timezone for both me and person doing the IDing. For example, as shown below, a person from my town confirmed my observation this morning (Eastern Daylight Time) but I think the time showing in the dropdown must be Greenwich Mean Time as it is off by 5 hours. It seems it should either show in the timezone it was created, my timezone, or should at minimum show the timezone it is represented in.

Platform: Web version, using Avast Browser
Screen Shot 09-28-21 at 11.14 AM

It should be in the time zone of your account. Can you go to your account settings (https://www.inaturalist.org/people/3853885/edit#account) and check the time zone please?

Yes, that was the issue, I should have figured that out by myself :grinning: It might be nice if the application could check the timezone of my local machine in choosing how to display times or in lieu of that have the timezone represented explicitly in the UI. I am guessing the average user doesn’t choose to modify settings very often.

When a new iNat account is created via the website, it should set a default time zone that is determined by the timezone of your machine. Did you use the iOS app to sign up for your account?