Tips for finding native ladybugs on Long Island New York

Any tips for finding ladybugs native to Long Island? Places and times to look, etc. I only ever find ladybugs near my house and they are always Asian Ladybugs (H. axyridis).

Side note but sometimes I’ll see a ladybug with a really cool pattern and take a picture only to realize its an Asian Ladybug. They seem to be able to mimic every kind of ladybug with their spots, lol.

I would recommend going to a native plant garden or field(Bethpage State Park, Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve, Setauket Powerlines, Tiffany Creek Preserve, etc.). Maybe you’ll even get lucky around your garden or house!
Look on flowers, especially Goldenrod, Butterfly Milkweed, and Hyssopleaf Thoroughwort.
They can be red, yellow, orange, or even black.


Most other ladybugs are quite a bit smaller than the Asian Ladybugs, so you will need to look closely and carefully.


And some very interesting ladybug species are very tiny! You might be extremely surprised if you are expecting them to be as big as the Asian Ladybugs!

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That’s very interesting I was not expecting that. I’ll have to keep my eyes extra peeled on any foliage!

And on flowers.

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