Tool for exporting iNaturalist data to iRecord (or elsewhere)

Two questions. 1. It looks like iRecord is meant primarily for UK data. Can and should data from other areas be exported? 2. Does this allow individual identifications (with usernames) on observations to be downloaded? The latter is a feature I’ve wanted for a long time on iNaturalist.

  1. No - sorry - I should also make that clear if it wasn’t already.
    iRecord is UK only. Please don’t log anything there from outside of UK, it will only clog up their system and they might become somewhat irate with me for posting this up! :)

  2. Yes, absolutely.
    At the moment, there is a “commented out” bit of code within the second cell, specifically for this.

When I update this week, perhaps its useful if I make a more detailed version directed for people from outside of the UK, explaining how it might be used more generally like this. Let me know if there is anything else you want to achieve with it, and I can add that in for the template.

At the moment, the code includes options to get

  • all photo URLs at “original” size
  • sex annotations
  • ids by a specific identifier
  • specific observation fields

As well as the more basic stuff you can get from the iNaturalist export tool here on-site…
GPS, location accuracy, community taxon, date…


That sounds amazing! Please let me know if you find a way to allow data to be downloaded from locations outside the UK. Unfortunately, very few species of my group of interest occur in the UK, so this really isn’t that useful to me at the moment.

Its already useable for locations outside the UK - you just choose the location of your choice in the 2nd cell. Have you tried it out ? If not, give it a go ( just skip over the later cells related to converting to grid reference - those are the only parts which are UK specific )

But yes, I will add some more versions shortly to try and make this all clearer … :)


Thanks. that sounds reasonable. I guess what I was getting at was if I can see the exact location of an obscured observation in iNaturalist. either because it’s my own observation, or because the observer has allowed me me to view the obscured location either by joining one of my projects or marking me as a trusted user. Does that trust gets transferred into the download, or if it becomes re blurred. I think from your answer above it does get re blured.

The reason I ask is anything on the IUCN red list is blurred for public view in both systems. but my volunteers allow me to view their obscured locations in iNaturalist. When this goes to iRecord if the locations get re hidden then admins / local record centers using iRecord cant see the exact locations of red list species.

Personal I don’t think its a massive problem. you can always contact the original observer through iNaturalist for critical locations. but if there was a way around it, it would feel more complete.

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Great to know! I haven’t yet, but will hopefully get a chance to try it out soon.

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