Tooltip for iconic taxon is broken

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

Description of problem:

Step 1: Launch the Identify tool

Step 2: Click the Filters button

Step 3: Under Categories, hover over the fungi icon

Step 4: The tooltip will display as “[object Object]”

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I’ve been having this issue also.

Thanks. I wonder if there are other Mac users that can reproduce this issue?

If I remember correctly this might have to do with the locale saved for your accounts, which right now is en-US. I think this is a vestigial code we used, but it should just be en - en-US is not a locale we use any longer. If you go to your Account Settings, change your locale to English (UK), Save, then change back to English and Save again, that should fix it.


That did the trick! Thanks @tiwane!


That fixed it for me as well, thanks!


We should probably run a script that does this, sorry it was affecting you.