Trail cam recommendations?

The owner of the property I’ve been surveying is interested in setting up several more trail cams (mostly for wildlife but also because the one I’ve been using captured several unfamiliar humans walking through, which was a slightly alarming sight in a fairly remote private property).

The one I have is a Meidase, and it’s OK but I feel like it isn’t picking up everything that passes by it - sometimes I find tracks and scat but nothing shows up on the cam.

Just wondering if anyone has any particular recommendations before I go dropping the money on them - I don’t need anything super fancy, and I’m fine with having to go out and manually change the SD cards and batteries. Ideally something reasonably inexpensive, since I want to get several of them.

I use a Browning in Australia, they’re very good and I’d 100% recommend, but they are expensive. If you’ve got a limited budget, I’m sure there’s cheaper options out there.
The other one I have used are Adventure kings, a lot cheaper but not as good; they often miss things further away

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There’s a previous thread with some info (though not super long):

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