Translation error in projects overview page

There is a translation bug in the German version of the project overview page

It’s named with “Dein projekte”, that is wrong, it should be “Deine Projekte”.


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@gender{m:Вашият|f:Вашата|n:Вашето} %{noun}

I expect we have to know how Your should be translated for male, female and other words…
I have the idea that ‘‘Dein listen’’ is not incorrect.

On the website:
Deine Bestimmungen
Dein listen
Dein journal
Deine Favoriten
Dein projekte

In the file:
header_your_observations: Eigene Beobachtungen
header_your_calendar: Dein Kalender
header_your_favorites: Deine Favoriten
header_your_lists: Deine Listen
header_your_journal: Dein Journal
header_your_identifications: Deine Bestimmungen
header_your_projects: Deine Projekte
header_your_profile: Dein Profil

second_person_possessive_plural: “Deine %{noun}”
second_person_possessive_singular: “Dein %{noun}”

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For translation issues, it’s best to use CrowdIn. See more about iNat translation here:

There’s also a short tutorial if you want to help.

There is a translation, header_your_projects, but in stead of header_your_projects it seems that second_person_possessive_singular is used. But Projekte is not singular but plural.

  t( "header_your_#{model_name.pluralize.underscore}", default: false ) || t(:second_person_possessive_singular,
    noun: t(model_name.downcase.underscore),
    gender: model_name.underscore.singularize

So the code refers to second_person_possessive_singular but should refer to second_person_possessive_plural. So I agree with tayloria it is a bug.

The header says ’ Dein listen’ and crowdin says: ‘header_your_lists: Deine Listen’
dein Projekt und deine Projekte
deine Liste und deine Listen

@tayloria Is the header wrong for Listen too? Google Translate gives:
dein Projekt und deine Projekte
deine Liste und deine Listen

Yes, it’s wrong, too. Actual: “Dein listen” correct: “Deine Listen”

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