Treehoppers field guide suggestions

I’m trying to find a treehopers field guide that I can use to learn more about and better identify treehopper species - ideally focused on South American species. I’ve been looking for books online but haven’t found much yet. I’m used to birding books where you can find plenty regional field guides with very useful plates and distribution maps that help with local identification and learning. Do these kinds of books exist for treehoppers?

So far I have found one title: Treehoppers of Tropical America / Membrácidos de la América Tropical which sounds really great but seems to be out of print.

Any suggestions?

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AbeBooks and Amazon appear to have copies of that book for sale for around $100 (shipping seems to be limited to within the USA).

The authors have listed the book on ResearchGate, they might give you a PDF copy if you ask.


Carolina Godoy Cabrera.

Or just hit the “request full-text” button on the link I provided.

That’s what I do on RG when the author hasn’t uploaded the paper or book.

Sometimes that works. Sometimes a direct email works.

The link sends a direct email, and does so to all the authors listed.

Thanks everyone for the input, much appreciated! I will see if there is any way to get a PDF copy of the book. If anyone knows of other field guides, do let me know!

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