Tricks to remove hitchhikers?

Interesting! Last time I caught these on my Joggers was on a hike up a hill in Cross River, Nigeria, to see a swallow roost.
Took a photo as well, for remembrance. LoL

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In my country there are grasses that do a similar thing with their seeds

I’ve found that the best solution is to either:

  1. Wear a material that doesn’t allow them to hook on
  2. Wear shorts

#2 is working great for me :)


A lint roller should do the trick

#2. How do you deal with the itching? :relaxed:

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Whew! I had a much less intense battle with the ClingOns last week. I tried duck tape, but that wasn’t too helpful. I could rub some off, brushing downward, but I had to do a fair amount of picking, too. I will look for the results of your experiment — Good luck!

Haha, I think i’m used to it! The bigger problem is mosquito, leech and tick bites but even then these things still get you with long pants anyway. So i figured that i’d rather not deal with the hassle of picking these seeds off

I can confirm a credit card works, but only with Desmodium (some other seeds you will scrape off the seed but the barbs will stay in your cloth and the mess will be even worse). Also, I had to apply a lot more force to the credit card than expected, the way I attempted to use it at first none of them came off, but then using all my strength they actually did. Of course along any seams/stitches it didn’t help so still took an hour or so in my case. Good luck!


Our plants are better behaved. I only get the occasional grass seed tunnelling thru my socks.

I wear nylon pants and rubber boots. Seeds don’t stick to then. Use a credit card to scrape them off.

I take my penknife, pull the pant leg tight and scape them off holding the knife at an angle. Not perfect, but it works.

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We had them almost as bad, on a fairly flat surface it comes off with a stiff object, knife or putty knife. Sticky tape is not strong enough. If I miss one, and it gets in the laundry I sometimes find one inside my running pants or underwear. Ouch.


Yes! And tiny stick tights were the lesson I needed to absolutely separate my laundry!!! Anything worn on the outside, outside is separate from everything else!

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patience !

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A friend of mine had an old female dog. When he got back from rambling in the wild, he would sit down and she would methodically remove any burrs or seeds from his socks and trousers. I think this something that dogs instinctively do for their puppies


OK all:
I tried a butter knife, tape, credit card, ice scraper, and fingernails.
Tape was no good with this kind of hitchhiker. Best was the ice scraper from my car.
While that got most of them off, there are still hundreds that seem to be best picked off by fingernails.
Especially helpful to have small children that you can bribe :)
Thanks everyone for your input.


In some environments wearing leather, canvas or vinyl chaps is a good idea. Pick up a ten gallon hat while you are at the cowboy store