Carolina Chickadees doing something noisy with pecan husks

The pecans around here are falling out of the trees. It frequently leaves a husk in the tree, or whatever the little four-part thing around the nut is called. Today I was out looking for birds at a local park, and I kept hearing an odd, soft tapping noise. When I finally tracked the noise down, it was a chickadee. It was either rapidly pecking or rapidly pulling on something inside one of the husks, occasionally hopping around for a better angle, and seemed really intent on what it was doing. It sounded exactly like what I kept hearing in different places, so I think there were multiple chickadees doing the same thing. Or I suppose it could have been the same one, flying around.
Has anyone seen them do this? My only guess is that it was trying to yank some sort of fibers out of the husk, but I couldn’t tell for sure.

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Most likely it was pulling out invertebrates from there, but if something has left from fruits it can be edible too, for fibers it’s too early I think (don’t know when your Poecile start mating, but probably later).


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