Trusted users should not see coordinates when geoprivacy is "private"

Kudos on the new trusted friends system, I think it is a very good and powerful tool.

I\d like to suggest a minor tweak, that observations marked as Private be excluded though. I and most every person, which is a self-selected cohort, are happy to grant access to locations on public land to people I know, or trust (hopefully those 2 groups have a high overlap).

But there still is a need / desire for truly private things to stay private, if it is home (yes I know about the 1 private geofence, but if I’m only allowed one do I pick my house or cottage ?) or cases where the land is privaet, and I’m there with permission, it would be very helpful, and enhance use of the tool if I knew those private records were staying private.

“Trusted friends system”?

Are you suggesting it be renamed or do you not know what it is?

The latter - don’t know what it is.

Im in a cabin in the ontario wilderness with limited connectivity so am not going to search for the post but I believe Carrie started the topic.

It is the new feature that lets you designate people you trust so they can see the actual true locations of your obscured sightings

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It’s found in your iNat account settings, under “Manage your relationships” on the right hand side. It brings up the list of users that you follow, with the additional option for each one to “Trust with hidden coordinates.”

Chris, I re-wrote the title of this topic for clarity. Generally, it helps me and hopefully others when topic titles communicate the specific change or feature being proposed. Titles like “Minor change to new trusted users framework” could mean a lot of things.

Regarding this specific topic, we could certainly make it work that way, but there’s a variety of use cases we might want to accommodate. For example, I don’t really care if people I trust know where my back yard is, but if a property manager asked me not to share coordinates of observations from their property, I wouldn’t want to share them with the people I trust, because I trust them, but that property manager might not.

Is there a situation where it is important to share coordinates with other people when the geoprivacy is “private” that isn’t already covered by projects? Like, while I don’t care if people I trust know where my backyard is, I don’t need to share that information with them.

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Ken-ichi, sorry my brain is not quite registering what you wrote, so if this does not answer it please let me know. In the case you cite, would the use case / solution if this were implemented not be to enter records at your house as obscured, so then you could share with folks you trusted, but the property ones as private, guaranteeing they are not visible ?

To me the use case for ‘private’ should be just that, it means only 1 can see the true location.

That would work for me, but in theory some folks might not want to give any indication of where they live to a general audience but be perfectly fine sharing it with trusted people. But that’s just in theory. That’s why I asked “Is there a situation where it is important to share coordinates with other people when the geoprivacy is “private” that isn’t already covered by projects?” I’m particularly interested in concrete cases where people want that, and not theoretical situations.

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@cmcheatle I’m going through some of the older feature requests.

Instead of the single box “Trust with hidden coordinates” are you requesting it be two options: trust with obscured, and trust with private?

This hasn’t been replied to in over a year so I’m going to close it. If anyone has specific use cases or specific asks, please message me.