Two species (probably same common name) identified as one specie

How to report this situation? Two species with the same common name? How to report and ask for a curator to adress this question?

This kind of situation is very common with Penelope purpurescens (Jacuaçu as common name in iNat) and Penelope obscura (Jacuguaçu as common name in iNat and Jacuaçu as common name use widely in Brazil).

Are both species currently available/active on iNat? If so, it sounds like you can just ID the misidentified ones as the correct species, preferably providing a comment explaining the ID.

If the common name is used for both species, this is can definitely be an issue causing misID’s, but if the common name/s is/are used this way outside of iNat, then the usage on iNat will reflect that.

The common names can be added for different places and set for specific locations. See this thread for some info:

You can also check the curator section on naming for some info:

I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t say this, but this issue grates on my like fingernails on a chalkboard. Two species; one species, like two sheep, one sheep. “Specie” is a financial term referring to coins.

Ahh! I’ve relieved that itch.