Unexpectedly cute observations - what are yours?

Well, I think this is cute, but not unexpectedly cute. Most people think ladybugs are cute.
Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 7.57.08 PM
Also, bumblebees have a large following that considers them cute. In this case the whole, “Why should I be right side up to you?” and, “Check my pollen bags!” adds to the appeal for me.

In reviewing my photos I find my mind remembering the “cute” but not helpful for identifying photos that I have deleted - like the time this past week when I was trying to get a shot of the shoulders of a chickadee (to differentiate between black-capped and chestnut backed) and I ended up getting a perfect shot of a chickadee’s butt hole. That one went right in the trash.


Personally, I’m rather fond of the way thalloid marchantiophytes look like abstract-art cartoon bugs.


Oh, for the record: all human babies have always looked disgusting to me (and not in the “ugly cute” way). My irrational subcomponents urge me to murder them on sight.

But I digress.

Here’s some more marchantiophytes (these are Californian common starworts, Asterella californica!)


Oooh! Another fun project!

In a dandelion…


This is not mine, but I find it the cutest observation of iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/18627217

Also not mine: I guess robins are professional cuties, so maybe they are not what we are meant to share on this thread, but how can this plump pompom even fly!!?! I melt looking at this pic: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/75701375

On the subject of galls, I found these on my hawthorns (obs) particularly cute, although since covid they somehow lost their appeal because they look like a coronavirus to me:


And one thing that I find cute are tiny plants growing in the harsh environment of concrete or stone. Little brave plants. I looked through my observations but the pictures do not reflect so well the situation. Nevertheless sometimes when I am walking on the road I stop and admire how such a little plant can survive on that place.


Yes! My favorite thing. I feel a little thrill of rebellion and want to cheer for them. They found the smallest patch of dirt and now thrive!

Here’s one of mine: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/51714232



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Ha ha , nice one

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@ petya21 very nice observations, thank you for sharing

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This reminds me of a great cute liverwort photo by @alexis_orion


I was hoping to get a photo of this Psilodera feeding, and love the photo, but mostly because it looks like a plump little ballerina with the flower anthers looking like its ballet shoes!


Which shows how far we have moved away from our original instincts; now, many adults are annoyed by anything children do that draws their attention away from their adult-y stuff. Some even define a “good” baby as one who doesn’t cry much (translation: has few expressed needs).

Okay, now that one is cute!

Or maybe she’ll tap dance to “No Rain.”

If we put aside stress factors, depression and such that can make parents do their job less than ideally, it’s very likely such adults have a traumatic past or congenital condition that affects their emotions and, linked to that, changed perception of other humans, that is passed down on future generation and continues on.
But let’s stay on topic, I checked what can I do for my obs today and found little things that I see as the cutest possible, maybe expectedly!


With so many non-mammals, I’m surprised nobody has posted bumble bee butts or bees sleeping in flowers yet.


My art history teacher collects photos of bumblebee butts.

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Polistes exclamans doing a peekaboo:


I just looked up Psilodera and Acroceridae…they are adorable!

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Mmm - cute … or stunning!

Went to the beach near Davenport, CA a month ago and enjoyed the tidepools with my 13 yo family member. We thought just about everything was cute or wonderful or beautiful! Here’s a few that I took pics of that day. I think that being in the presence of a 13 yo definitely upped my propensity to recognize “cute” when it was staring me in the face!