Unflagging observations as Casual?

I skimmed the forum and didn’t see a post addressing this, but apologies for any redundancy – new to iNaturalist.

I’ve been finding a lot of window collisions in NYC and uploaded about half a dozen this morning. There are photos, locations, dates/times. But I did the date/time in batches, because literally I saw them all at just about the same time (e.g. three birds stunned/dead next to one facade). I think this sameness of date/time is why iNaturalist has flagged them as casual, but I’m not seeing a way to correct it. I tried tweaking the time so as to be different, but the observation still stays Casual. Is there something I’m missing? (Here’s an example: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/45598064) Thank you!

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Someone has mistakenly marked your record as “not wild” hence the Casual status. I and others can mark it as Wild and that should fix it.


Thank you very much!

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It looks like you’ve marked it as captive/cultivated, so if you update that it should be “needs id”


Bizarre–thanks. I had no idea I did that; will correct.


Welcome to the forum!

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