Unfollowed Observation Keeps Showing Up On Home Dashboard

A little while ago I found this muskrat observation (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/5890862) and followed it because I thought the story behind it was silly (it has like 500 identifications and 1000 comments). Because it had so much activity it significantly slowed down the loading time on my home activity page so I unfollowed and unfavorited it several weeks ago and I’ve also tried muting the original poster. The issue now is that it still shows up when people add an ID and makes loading iNaturalist painfully slow.

Maybe it’s not a bug and I’m just missing something, but either way I would really appreciate help getting this observation off my activity. I am using the browser version of iNat. Thanks!


Have you clicked Unsubscribe on the obs on your dashboard?

The user’s screenshot does show the hover text saying “You’re no longer subscribed to this item”, so this confirms the unsubscribe at least, though it isn’t clear whether this was done from the observation page or the dashboard.

This does seem like a bug to me if that message is showing but the user isn’t unsubscribed.

@gieserguy can you see whether you unsubscribed via the dashboard or via the observation page for Gerald? If only one, you can try the other route and see if that works. The unfollow option is available in the top right on the observation page itself (which will, of course, take a while to load).

@cthawley I believe I’d also unfollowed on the observation page too, I attached a screenshot to make sure it all looks good. Weird that it keeps updating me, but sporadically, I don’t think it’s every notification.

Yes, looks like it should be unfollowed to me. I wouldn’t expect to be getting notifications at this point. I believe I unfollowed Gerald similarly years ago. I wonder if this is just Gerald bending the rules of the Matrix at this point (ie, being an outlier of an observation in many respects and inherently buggy as a result).

Unfortunately Gerald still is showing up from a comment on the observation yesterday, just a weird buggy post having some fun I guess.

I see you also wrote to help@inat, I’ll just answer here.

  1. On your dashboard (inaturalist.org/home), scroll down to Subscriptions then click on the gear icon next to Subscriptions, which should take you to https://www.inaturalist.org/subscriptions

  2. Click on Observations.

  3. Use your browser’s find feature to see if “5890862” is listed on any of the recent pages (I assume you followed it recently). Does it appear on any of those pages? If so, you’re still subsribed to the observation and there might be a bug here.

It just went through the first several pages and it’s not there, so it seems unsubscribed!


And are updates for it still showing up in your dashboard?

Unfortunately yes it is still showing up.

That update is from March 2nd, which is odd.

But if I click “show more” it gives every identification and comment on the observation, and the most recent fits in between the other updates on the home page. (And note the scroll bar on the side for how much it makes you scroll to get to the most recent comment.)

Would you be OK with me logging in as you and taking a look? As a staff member I can do that via our backend but I like to get permission first.

Yes, that’s totally fine with me.